Sewing Tutorial Review

Tutorials Tutorials, what a great topic to do reviews. The Internet definitely has a vast assortment of websites for sewin

Lucy’s First Year

Lucy's Sewing Lab's First Year Below is a post originally released in November 2015. I was so proud of my subscription rat

Serger or Overlock Machine

It's so confusing, which should I buy? The Serger or Overlock machine, which one do I need most? It's a hard decision, both d

Janome, Singer Comparison which comes out on top?

Right now I'm smack dab in the middle of a Janome or Singer Heavy Duty comparison. I own the boastful best machine according

Hancock Pre-Black Friday

Regret missing sales! Start shopping now, Look at what Hancock Fabrics has to offer! November 19 to December 2 (Avoid Blac

Inspirational, Fashionable, Tutorials

I don't know about you, but I get inspired with other people's creations. Fashion sewing blogs keep me on my toes. I especail

So Can She

This is an awesome creative blog.  So Can She is one of the more talented people and has great tutorials!  I know a lot of p

Current opinion of the Best Sewing Blogs

  It’s the world wide web….obviously there are more resources out there than anyone can use. I did


I know not everyone gets super duper excited like I do, but this is a real holiday to me. September fashion mag season, the co

Surfin for Fashion (Boomerina)

You know, Fall is around the corner.  It’s surfin for fashion time!  I’ve been surfin all week.  I want to stoc