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Lucy’s Photo Journal

Photo Journal


UPDATE: Lucy is currently working on a table of contents with working links and is updating the journal to include unseen photos.  I cannot wait for you to see!

The photo journal will include categories to better organize the topics.  Additionally, a photo with link included will be on the page so the reader can find the post they would like to read easier.

When I first got my sewing machine I had nothing but a machine and we bought a table.

as time passed it began to evolve, and I acquired too much stuff. Eventually, this space was too small.  I got to upgrade, a friend even gave me some furniture.I’m not a fan of white, that’s why I painted it black! Of course the new room had to be painted as well. You like that bright green?  A child once did 🙂 This was a lot of work, transforming this space into something I could love.

Let’s start with a few of these new tabs:
Lucy’s Sewing Studio

I promised in my post about Sewing Studio Organization I would add more photos for your enjoyment. 

The thing I love the most is my inspiration boards.  They are actually closet doors covered with cork board and fabric.  I’m in love with my studio!

So, I thought it would be a great idea to start a photo journal.  If there is a topic you are looking for, you can come here, click on the photo and find the blog post.  Kinda like a little index of Lucy’s Photos. Since we are on the topic of fall fashion, I thought I would start there.

Top Ten For Fall 2015 according to Harper’s Bazaar 

 this collection of photos are so amazing!  I love the artwork as well as the message.

The same magazine recommends these as well from the top, my favorite comfy style and in tones I don’t usually wear.  My daughter introduced me to these tones and I can’t get enough.

photo journal

These earrings are great, you know for those bad hair days?  Ponytails or buns would showcase them nicely.

photo journalphoto journalHot and sexy is what red leather says.  Ruffles just make it more fun.  I think this piece is versatile enough for a black tee or something more revealing depending on what’s happening.
This is one of my favorite color combinations for fall. It’s very fresh and looks well with most skin tones.