Pinterest! Lucy’s Sewing Lab comes Alive

Lucy’s Sewing Lab Comes Alive

Welcome to my Pinterest connection to Lucy’s Sewing Lab. On this page you will discover all the wonderful things I have posted to Pinterest but may not have blogged about yet. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest as well. This connects you only to my Lucy’s Sewing Blog board. There are plenty more boards you may find of interest.
I love making things instead of buying them to express my style. I majored in fashion and have been sewing since my teenage years.
I also have a flair for home decorating. I’ve never been able to find anything exactly the way I want it in stores, that’s why I sew. I have an idea of what I would like to buy. Knowing I’ll never find it in the stores, I find the fabric I like, maybe a pattern I like, and begin the creation. 90 percent of all my creations are not from a pattern. I use magazines for inspiration as well as my imagination.
Yes, I may see something on Pinterest, but by the time I finish creating it, the creation has taken on a look all it’s own. I look at the picture and give it my own twist. I love it and people stop me all the time to ask where I buy my clothing. I currently do not sew clothing for anyone other than my family. That does not mean that I won’t sew for anyone else. Currently I’m making a vegan leather bag for my friend. The inside is lined with used Levi’s. There is a Lucy Lou 918 label on the inside so she won’t forget where she got the tote. Also, she can send people my way. If I sew for you, the product will look like what you asked for with my artistic flair.

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