End Year Traditions (Curves Ahead)

End of year traditions for blogging. Normally bloggers end the year with a recap of their blog titles.  I’ve not de

Sew What Trend

WHO, WHAT, WEAR is my fall back for fashion trend. I love that site, it inspires me. It drives me to do better. It makes m

Lucy’s First Year

Lucy's Sewing Lab's First Year Below is a post originally released in November 2015. I was so proud of my subscription rat

Learning to Sew on PBS

I had no idea how easy it was to learn to sew learning from your television. The longest running show Nancy Zieman is on PBS

Fashion Hacks!

Fashion hacks are my favorite sewing inspiration. Do you specifically shop for fashion in pattern catalogs or on pattern sites

3,000 Lucy’s Sewing Lab Subscribers!!

I LOVE MY subscribers! You all are so loyal and dedicated!  I love you for hanging in there with me.  Since April 2015 when

My Clothing Tags UPDATE

I have tried so many methods of making clothing tags. I've used cotton ribbon similar to shoestrings and written on it with a

Sewing for 20 something Daughters

The featured photo for this post is of my daughter.  She is wearing clothing I made using only her measurements. I recently e

Cheap Thrills or Cheap Bills?

Expensive Looking Wardrobe on the Cheap Cheap Thrills or Cheap Bills? Buying less expensive fabric can be a costly mistake if

Sewing the Season’s Colors

Does it matter if you are sewing the season’s colors or not?  To some people, yes! I’m not so much into the capsu