End Year Traditions (Curves Ahead)

End of year traditions for blogging. Normally bloggers end the year with a recap of their blog titles.  I’ve not de

Sew What Trend

WHO, WHAT, WEAR is my fall back for fashion trend. I love that site, it inspires me. It drives me to do better. It makes m

Lucy’s First Year

Lucy's Sewing Lab's First Year Below is a post originally released in November 2015. I was so proud of my subscription rat

Hancock Turkey Day Sale 2015 Begins at 4pm

HANCOCK Turkey Day SALE Hancock Turkey Day Sale starts at 4pm. You know, by 4pm you are full, rested, and happyily dreaming

So Can She

This is an awesome creative blog.  So Can She is one of the more talented people and has great tutorials!  I know a lot of p

Sewing for 20 something Daughters

The featured photo for this post is of my daughter.  She is wearing clothing I made using only her measurements. I recently e


My favorite holiday in the Universe is BLACK FRIDAY! My favorite store to hit just released their ads! I am too excited for th

Current opinion of the Best Sewing Blogs

  It’s the world wide web….obviously there are more resources out there than anyone can use. I did

Sewing the Season’s Colors

Does it matter if you are sewing the season’s colors or not?  To some people, yes! I’m not so much into the capsu


I know not everyone gets super duper excited like I do, but this is a real holiday to me. September fashion mag season, the co