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A few of my favorite things

A few of my Favorite Things on the Internet It's the worldwide web....obviously there are more resources out there than any

End Year Traditions (Curves Ahead)

End of year traditions for blogging. Normally bloggers end the year with a recap of their blog titles.  I’ve not de

Brand New Sewing Machine, now what?

Christmas was a few weeks ago. Who received a brand new sewing machine? Now what? If you've never really sewn before or it's b

3,000 Lucy’s Sewing Lab Subscribers!!

I LOVE MY subscribers! You all are so loyal and dedicated!  I love you for hanging in there with me.  Since April 2015 when

So Can She

This is an awesome creative blog.  So Can She is one of the more talented people and has great tutorials!  I know a lot of p

Sewing Studio Organization

Sewing studio organization is the hardest thing for me. Not the organizing, the keeping it that way! I know I am not alone.

Surfin for Fashion (Boomerina)

You know, Fall is around the corner.  It’s surfin for fashion time!  I’ve been surfin all week.  I want to stoc

The Essential Denim Dress

I have been drooling over the essential denim dress for quite some time now.  Actually I have been hoarding old jeans and den

Sew, I haven’t done a Review in awhile…

I’ve been ultra busy!  Sew much going on here, remodeling the hubby’s music studio, my sewing studio, and living

Best Beginner Sewing Blogs

When I first started this blog I made a best of list to include what I thought was the best sewing blogs. Well, some time has