sewing techniques

The Serger it’s not Really that Scary

Sergers look like aliens, but I promise this list will help wth that. They are your friend not an alien.

Fashion Hacks!

Fashion hacks are my favorite sewing inspiration. Do you specifically shop for fashion in pattern catalogs or on pattern sites

Brand New Sewing Machine, now what?

Christmas was a few weeks ago. Who received a brand new sewing machine? Now what? If you've never really sewn before or it's b

Sewing for 20 something Daughters

The featured photo for this post is of my daughter.  She is wearing clothing I made using only her measurements. I recently e

Cheap Thrills or Cheap Bills?

Expensive Looking Wardrobe on the Cheap Cheap Thrills or Cheap Bills? Buying less expensive fabric can be a costly mistake if

Sewing Contests and Sew-a-longs

Sewing contests and sew-a-longs are fun and a great way to challenge your own sewing skills. Okay, winning is great also, but

A Bevy of Fashion Trends

Seriously, I've never had such a difficult time making a list of textiles to purchase for 2015/16 fashion. A bevy of fashion t

Sew much to Learn

Sew much to learn, no matter how much I sew. I learned this weekend children grow at amazing rates. I measured my granddaugh

Pressing Matters

Press, press, press, then press some more.  It seems like sewing involves more use of the iron than the sewing machine, doesn

Eat Cheesecake and Sew Pants too….without going up a size!

Who wouldn’t like to eat cheesecake and sew pants in the same size as before? Trial and error, I have found are the best